Who we are

Court Data Technologies LLC is an independent consulting and development firm focused on helping you find, understand, and analyze the wealth of information available within CCAP, Wisconsin's circuit court records. The court case data is publicly available via Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA), the website of the Consolidated Courts Automations Programs (CCAP), but is very limited in how it can be searched. We remove those limits.

We are a small group of devoted and talented individuals with backgrounds in project management, database, application development, web design, and business process analysis. Our business is located in Madison on the Isthmus.

We have been in business since 2003, and in eleven years we have earned a reputation for expertise, dedication, professional conduct, and results. Our clients are criminal attorneys, judges, government agencies, advocacy groups, newspapers, researchers, and others. We offer excellent references.

Why we're good at what we do...

  • Unique Expertise:We are the only company who does what we do... and we do it VERY well.
  • Innovative Services:We offer ingenious, appropriate, value-added assistance.
  • Intelligent Technology:We develop our applications with reliable, functional software; run our programs on fast servers in secure colocation facilities; and do everything smart.
  • Professionalism and Dedication:Expect honest, hard work from us, and expect us to deliver what we promise.
  • Cost-Effective Results:We charge reasonable fees. Our work is worth every penny, and then some.