Direct Mail - How does it work?

Who mails the letters?

It is your responsibility to print, collate and mail the letters. We have found that simple things like: having an actual stamp, post office location, maybe a signature or a personal note make a difference in the response rate. Also many of our customers will select one or more addressed that will not be sent a letter for various reasons.

How often should I mail?

You choose, but most of our clients will mail once a day.

Does it take long to put the mailings together?

It depends on the volume. For most of our clients, they will generate and print all the letters in the morning in about 10 minutes, and as the day goes on, personalize and stuff them as they need a break.

Can you get data that is not on CCAP - WCCA?

No, All of our product are based on public data available from CCAP

I have a great unique marketing idea? Can you develop it without making it public?

Many of our custom applications are never advertised. Although we can assure you we would not advertise or mention it in our business operation we can't stop anyone from asking us to develop a similar application. We basically understand that if we don't develop it, someone else will.

Why don't you publish prices?

We understand the pricing structure of our competitors and our goal is to have a competitive price structure while allowing us to customize your data set. A simple phone call will allow us to give you a quote.

Still have questions, give us a call: (608) 442-0600