Simply put, we are the best at what we do

Custom Solutions

When we setup up a data mailing solution for you, we take into account your business and how to best integrate a direct mail marketing campaign into your daily work flow.

Customer Service

Phone help is included in your pricing. We can help you write your letters, create mail merge codes and answer questions as you use our services.

Competitively Priced

Sending letters can get expensive. With our system we can help reduce your cost by better targeting your customers, saving on postage and front desk costs.

In our 11 years of business working with CCAP data, we believe that direct mail marketing is an effective proven way of getting new clients. We provide a critical component of this strategy. A reliable and easy to use custom interface for getting qualified prospective clients a mailing about your business. As part of this process we also help you compose a letter and train you on how to effectively generate the letters. Our experience collecting and using CCAP data allows us to create tools that are unmatched by our competitors.

Will this work for me?

Direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool to attract new clients. Many factors will affect your return rate.

Some factors you control such as:

  • A well written letter
  • Letters mailed in a timely manner
  • Number of letters mailed and geographical region
  • A web site, since many potential client will search you in the web once they get your letter
  • Your ability to sell your services once the prospective client contacts you
  • A multi faceted advertising plan to establish your name recognition

Others are out of your control:

  • Number of competitors sending letters
  • Quality and timeliness of court data. Our expertise will help you in this matter.

Is it expensive?

We can break down some of your cost considerations as follows

  • Postage, no getting around this one
  • Letter, envelope and printing supplies.
  • Time spent printing and mailing the letters. Our system is setup to minimize your time spent working on envelops and be flexible enough to fit your schedule.
  • Time spent talking to potential clients
  • Initial fee for setting up your custom data program. Depending on the application and the level of customization, we may charge an initial setup fee for your data collection.
  • Monthly subscription fee for running your custom data program. This fee depends on how much work our servers have to do and and estimate of how large your mailing data set will. Luckily the price per address is far smaller the the price for stamps.